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Jennifer Paley works as a transactional attorney and legal researcher/writer in the technology, entertainment, advertising, e-commerce, and health & wellness industries. Her experience includes having worked as an attorney at a major motion picture studio, a large national law firm, and a publicly-traded international advertising and marketing agency.

Jennifer is a regular contributor for several major legal publications and subscription services, including Nolo (Internet Brands), UCLA, and LexisNexis, where she has contributed approximately 1,000 practice notes and model contracts. She regularly guest speaks at conferences and MCLE events throughout the U.S.


Harvard College (AB, Economics)
New York University School of Law (JD)
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Technology | Advertising | Software | E-Commerce

Technology | Advertising | Software | E-Commerce

The firm negotiates, drafts and reviews a broad spectrum of national and cross-border: technology, software (with a focus on SaaS and cloud computing), advertising, and e-commerce agreements and policies. It also provides regulatory guidance and policy drafting in the areas of data protection, privacy (including CCPA, CPRA, and GPDR compliance), AI, employment, cybersecurity, IP infringement, and consumer protection.

Legal Research and Writing

Legal Research and Writing

The firm provides comprehensive and professional research and writing services to legal professionals and organizations, including LexisNexis (where over 1,000 of the firm’s articles and model contracts have been published) and Nolo.

Entertainment | Digital Content | New Media

Entertainment | Digital Content | New Media

The firm negotiates and drafts agreements for clients with studios, production companies, record labels, advertising agencies, digital distributors, and financiers in connection with film, television (scripted and unscripted), marketing, advertising, public relations, and new media/digital projects of all kinds (including podcasts). The firm also handles executive employment and IC deals of all kinds as well as mergers, acquisitions, and other transactions involving the transfer of intellectual property assets.

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